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why is my cleanser soo drying

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ive tried afew cleansers and they all seem to dry my skin out really bad.. i tried just water and that was ever worse. whats going on?

+ the cleanser i use doesnt remoove any of the flaky skin so when i moisturise the flaky skin stays on my face so when i smile or open my mouth wide all the flakes come out

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It sounds to me you have dry skin. You might want to try a moisturizing cream cleaser. And exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with St.Ives Srub (or what ever you want). If you are using excessive amount or BP and SA that could be causing the flakeiness to so cut down.

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Firstly, what cleanser are you currently using and how are you using it?

I suggest

* wash your face for no more than 10 seconds twice a day

* avoid contact with water at other times.

You need a cleanser with an acid ph around 5-6. Do not use soap. In fact I suggest you avoid bar products. Consider a, preferably unscented, liquid cleanser. Suggestions - cetaphil, aquanil, basis comfortably clean cleanser, jasons super c cleanser (no SLS), oil of Olay foaming cleanser for SENSITIVE skin. I use Neutrogena extra gentle skin cleanser...(I have dry skin and it works great for me - BUT people who are prone to reactive cosmetic breakouts don't like this product)

an aha moisturisier like eucerin renewal can be a good way to insert some exfoliation into your routine without adding an additional step. You could consider using diluted apple cider vinegar as a cheap as chips aha alternative. Some people use a tape method for lifting off flakey skin.

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The "Eucerin Renewal" that people are suggesting is badged "Eucerin Face Renewal Alpha Hydroxy Lotion w/ Spf 15," *NOT* the one that says "Day Lotion." Also for an extremely gentle cleanser try "Aveeno's Skin Replenishing Cleansing Lotion with Soy Extract, Fragrance Free." I've washed with this 4x a day once and didn't even dry out. However the oil of olay for sensitive skin broke me out after a few days of use.

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