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Ance.org Regimen Vs. Proactive Regimen

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I'm just wondering if there are some people out there who have tried Proactive but did not have success and then find themselves with clear skin when using Ance.org's products.

I have tried proactive recently for a little over a month. I stopped because it only made my ance worse. Now thanks to Proactive my ance has spread and I can not get it under control. I am 23, female, and I have bilateral patches of a ance on my checks and oddy on my right side of my lower jaw.


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Many, many people on here have had success with the acne.org regimen who saw failure with proactive. Dan's regimen is cheaper, less irritating, and most importantly, much more effective. Ive never tried proactive, but the vast majority who have used it seem to hate it (with the exception of all the TV ads)

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ohh boy. i've used proactiv twice. once in my teens, and once last year. (i'm now 25) i can't remember exactly how well it worked when i was a teen, but i'm pretty sure it did an ok job, hence my trying it again. for whatever reason i stopped using it. then last summer i decided to try it again because it was "new and improved". omg no. like you, it made everything worse. horribly worse. any tiny little skin colored bump that looked FINE turned into an enormous pus filled painful eruption. it was terrible. anyway. dan's regimen is my effing hero. now today i'm having a bad skin day because my sleep schedule has gotten messed up, but other than that, things have been going beautifully. please give it a shot. and trust me, the first few months of purging and dry skin are totally worth it!

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I tried to look to see if there was another post that compared the two but I wasn't able to find anything. Not that I tried that hard.. Thanks for the response.

I will try ance.org otherwise I will do the Wai diet.... really don't want to change my diet though...

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I tried proactive when i was about 22 (27 now) and it was a disaster. I was in tears the second night that i used it because of the irritation. Now, looking back, I think it had to do with the compounding of chemicals: Salicylic acid, aha, and bp (in a much higher concentration than DKR). Currently on Dan's regimen I use my own face wash, Dan's bp, and my own moisturizer. Due to how well my skin is doing and responding, I'm going to attempt to add an AHA toner (fingers crossed). Anyway, proactive was a disaster and Dan's regimen has been working for me thus far but I've been using my own face wash and moisturizer. I think that it is a better regimen because of the ingredients and low BP percentage.

As for diet, a lot of people on these forums swear that it has no effect on their acne but i strongly disagree. Before the regimen i focused on diet alone and although it did not 'cure' my acne, i feel that it reduces breakouts and inflamation. When I go on vacations and throw my diet to the wind, i can see the effects. I think that eating greens and legumes and focusing on diet overall is an important part of the holistic approach to acne; it can't just be solved topically, and can't just be solved internally (if you have a true genetic pre-disposition to it anyway). You need to focus on both in order to see results. But as always, this is just in my personal experience in struggling with acne so best of luck and i hope that you find the balance that works for you.

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As a 3 year user of acne.org and another 3-5 years on proactiv. I wouldn't say proactiv was a huge miss.

proactiv revitalizing cleanser: probably the worse of the system, since it contains ingredients that will just rinse down the drain and microbeads which are never good rubbing over active acne.

proactiv revitalizing toner- is AHA and has great qualities as an exfoliant however does contain witch hazel

proactiv repairing treatment- is 2.5% bp. Nothing bad to say but a small fragance

I find the toner and repairing treatment to work effectively. I still use the BP over dan's bp bc it applies smoother. I do think that switching out cleansers would make this a better product.

And another thing that would make it better, is applying how dan apply's everything to his face the same way. I think the method dan uses, although time consuming is what really makes it all work.

I notice a huge difference when i apply all the steps in the acne.org regimen fast or slightly rough as opposed to taking my time, applying gently and waiting the appropriate times.

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