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What Might Be The Cause Of Your Acne, I've Got An Amazing Link That Could Help!

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I've just discovered that the cause of my acne may be from an overgrowth of fungus. The symptoms he described mirrors my acne completely! After trying all sort of products and supplemnets without nay real results and no direction, I actually think I might be getting somewhere.

What would we do without the internet eh <3

Check out the link, i think i might really help you find the appropriate treatment for you acne.

As for me, I'm going to go on a body cleanse to kill of this nasty fungus that has actually probably been in my system for quite a while. The symptoms are only showing up now.

Since I was a child, my mum always suspected that I had candidia, I went to the doctors and they dismissed it and said that candidia is not a real disease.

If like me, you have:

"Very uneven skin tone, rash like pimples, majorlly affecting your t-zone. The spots are sit under the skin, are small and do not hurt. Occassionaly they will come to the surface, but the head are very small. The skin has a shine to it and is oiler in problem areas. The most commonly affect part is the t-zone(forehead and nose)".....then it is most likely caused by fungus and it is worth doing some reasearch. I really hope this helped, i feel so relieved and can;t wait to start trying out some sutaible treatments.

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