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So I believe I eat a very clean diet: no soy, no gluten, no dairy, no eggs. I eat 90% organic, and try to eat primarily low glycemic foods.

A typical day for me goes like this:

Breakfast: Ginger tea with a splash of almond milk, smoothie with kale, blueberries, chia seeds and water.

Snack: Granny Smith apple and banana

Lunch: Arugula salad with lentils, carrots & balsamic vinegar, sometimes a bit of avocado

Snack: Hummus and celery

Dinner: Mixed green salad, quiona with hummus or a chickpea curry with sweet potatoes, turmeric and ginger.

I drink plenty of water through the day (over 64 oz) and I occasionally drink green tea.

What am I doing wrong? I clean my pillow case daily, do not touch my face, do not take any medications besides a b12 supplement and a multivitamin... :(

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I go to bed at 8PM everynight and get up around 4AM. I don't know what the problem is! I do everything for it to be clear and nothing seems to help. It's incredibly frustrating to be on such a limited diet with no results.

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Do you stress yourself out a lot? That will slow things down.

I only saw salads on your menu...is that what you eat on a daily basis? Why no more protein or fat?

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think more in terms of getting what you need to help your body run better rather then cutting things out that you assume are bad, but do both.

one vitamin that can be overlooked easily is choline, like it or not we have an evolutionary ancestry that is strongly rooted in a meat and animal based diet, therefore we are poor at making our own choline to fulfill all our bodily needs as we may have become so accustomed to getting it in our diet. choline is highly concentrated in egg yolks and liver, women need around 425 mg per day,man need 550mg. one large egg yolk contains about 120mg of choline, there is little to no choline in the egg white. cholesterol in food has minimal impact on heart disease, and if you have heart disease it is the saturated fat content you should be more concerned about. the fact that one egg contains 71% dv of cholesterol is of little significance, most of it isnt even absorbed due to the high choline content as they appose each other for absorption. choline is also generally high in milk providing 40 mg per 8oz. there is very little choline in cheese, but yogurt may have choline.

another substance that can be overlooked is dha from fish, we are poor dha manufacturers too, there are immunosuppressive properties of a high fish intake, but interestingly dha has a long half life in the body and is preserved and recycled very well, so eating fatty fish once a week or even every two weeks could be enough to reap all the benefits without the detriments. but avoid fish with high mercury content, there are lists on the net for you to select a proper and safe fish to eat.

heme iron is only found in meat products, it provides strength to muscles and helps your blood deliver oxygen to all your cells to make energy, clams oysters and liver are high in this form of iron.

b12 as far as i know is only found in meat products, very high in fish and liver.

then there are the more obvious vitamins and minerals calcium(dairy), magnesium(wheat), folate(liver, beans),potassium etc.

fruits are generally healthy, but vegetables are much healthier as they contain more carotenoids, this is just my personal opinoin but the health benefits of leafy green vegetables are debatable, i believe they have too much vitamin k and are dangerous for anyone with heart disease or with a risk of a stroke, they are also bitter, with the exception of iceburg lettuce and spinach which are not so bitter, particularly when cooked, all otehr greens i think have been overrated for health properties, despite the levels of lutien they contain.

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Have you considered taking a multivitamin?

I would look up all the food you are eating and make a note of all the vitamins they give you, then compare that to the rdas. I know that sounds long winded but if you eat the same thing every day it will be helpful in the long run. Without any variety in what your eating you will be amplifying any 'gaps' as it were.

Also that seems like a lot of hummous, which I believe is high in estrogen. Sometimes people say that things like estrogen dominance in their bodies and such is the cause of their acne, so you might want to research that.

Is there a reason why there is no meat in your diet?

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one vitamin that can be overlooked easily is choline,

then there are the more obvious vitamins and minerals calcium(dairy), magnesium(wheat), folate(liver, beans),potassium etc.

molybdenum is another trace mineral without which all kinds of processes can't happen.


how long have you been eating this way? Did anything change from this diet? Why are you not eating eggs? Do you get outside into the light? What about vitamin D? Stress? What kind of multivitamin?

I would also agree that you need some omega 3s to counter all the omega 6 in all those legumes and seeds. And speaking of fats, what kind are you getting besides what's in a 'bit of avocado' and the seeds?

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Lima beans are high in molybdenum, been enjoying the hell out of those lately.

Yeah I'd say up your fat intake. I know you're vegan OP so at the very least get in some GLA (borage oil) and coconut oil. Your brain is 60% fat, you need fats to function properly, which is why grass-fed animals/seafood is a good idea. Maybe krill oil?

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