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Tca Cross 1St Experience At Home

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I bought 100% TCA from ebay. Didn't do it on my face yet, but tried it on my arm. I have 4 scars - 3 identical burn scars (all brown, no indentation, 2.5 years old) and 1 deep hole that looks like a pock-mark, puffy around the hole

I mixed the TCA with water 50-50 trying to get a strong enough blend.. I put it on the scars, no burning... added a bit more TCA and put it on the scars... Not much burning.. Made a stronger blend and uses a toothpick to put it inside the hole/scar... (was difficult because deep and puffy) one of the other scars started burning, so I washed it with water and left everything alone...

Looked really bad for about a week... Then the scars all peeled.. I say one of the 3 scars disappeared 95%... the other 2 only 30% or maybe 30-40% better than before... The deep hole-like scar improved a whole lot... like 65% No discoloration now, no puffiness, just an indent, and significantly smaller at that

Anyway, I would like to try it on my face (I have a few scars that could use smoothing out) but afraid of the downtime (its really much more obvious than needling.. So I think I will try on 1 or 2 scars on my face next and if that goes well, I will do it on some of the other scars I have. No problems on my arm, but you never know, so I'm trying to be careful

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If I were you I'd try something between 20% and 30% on ur face first just to see how it reacts. I did a 20% peel last week on my face and kneck. I used a q-tip to apply it. I was pretty generous with the application. Basically if it didnt frost I just put more on top of what I had already put on until it did frost. Even when it frosted I let it burn for a while before putting my face under cool water. 48 hours later my face was so tight I was barely able to open my mouth wide enough to get a spoon in it. Around 36 hours later my face began to peel. By day 6 I was 95% completely peeled. I drank a lot of water and took a lot of vitamin C. I also used terproline professional on my face twice a day. Its what some people use when they dermaroll or stamp. Its for burn victims so that may have been the reason my face healed and peeled faster. Every I read had said it would take 10-14 days to completely peel.

Im gonna try something crazy. Im gonna dermastamp my face in 3 weeks. Then do another 20% peel 3 weeks after that....dermastamp 3 weeks later...then 3 weeks after that try a 30% peel. Maybe if I attack my skin on 2 fronts while still giving it a chance to heal I can actually get some results.

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Hi,i understand where you're coming from because of course it's best to be safe than sorry when you're dealing with powerful stuff like 100% tca,but to 'find a proffesional' who actually is willing to treat you with something as reasonably simple and cost effective as the tca cross method is easier said than done im afraid,,especially in the uk. I'm still on the lookout for a good derm who is willing to perform either tca cross or punch tecniques but i'm coming up with nish.The only derm/surgeon ive managed to find that does (i believe) do punch excision is a 'dr langtry' who is based in newcastle (im in manchester) & who charges £200 for a consult. Crazy money imo. And so the search goes on..... Btw the person in the link who said they had a bad experience with tca cross didnt put any photo's up of how they looked BEFORE treatment,,also his/her first post on there was only 1 day after they did the treatment.You have to give these things time.
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Yep i know all about dr chu thanx.Problem with that is you need to be refered.Doubt my gp will refer me to see dr chu when he's in hammersmith & im in mcr. I've heard he's big on dermaroller aswell.Aint interested in that.Will ask my gp though just to be sure.

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