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What I Did After 8 Months On Accutane Didn't Work

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Quick summary,

I took accutane in the late 90s for 4 month. Mild side effects dry lips, dry skin, red face, nothing too terrible. My skin cleared and stay clear for a few years. Then oil came back and small spots so I used proactiv and it worked for 8 years. Then my face started getting red and itchy with spots, my derm stopped the proactiv, gave me Metrogel and overnight I developed a major rash and 50 cysts.

A new derm put me on various topicals and Septra antibiotic. After a few months with no change, we decided to give accutane a try.

I was on Accutane for 8 months starting end May 2011. I took 50mg a day (I weigh 125lbs.) for 6 months. But my hair began falling out in clumps so I was reduced to 30mg the last two months. My side effects were red face, dry lips, dry hands and arms, and hair loss. When I stopped the accutane after 8 months I was only 90% clear. I had smal red bumps that would come and go within a few days. But never a fully clear day.

A month after accutane I had a breakout. Red bumps covered my forehead and cheeks. I decided to change my diet. I ate only brown rice, chicken and veggies for two weeks. My skin cleared back to the 90% with various small spots.

The only product I was using on my face was Cetaphil gentle wash.

So I did a lot of reading online and decided to try washing my face with Head and Shoulder Clean and Classic. The first time it burned a little on the spots I had on my forehead. But I continued washing with it twice a days. A few spots were red and my face was a little red but the rest of my face was clearing fast. I have now been washing my face, chest and back with Head and Shoulders for 6 weeks My skin is 100% clear, no facial redness. As for my diet I'm still eating healthy 5 days a week but on weekends I go out to eat with my husband and friends and I eat what I want.

I know that everyone is different but I just wanted to share my experience. Biggest lessons I learned is don't be impatient. Don't try something for a week and decide its not good and jump to something else. And quit taking supplements. The best thing is to not put pills in your body, if you are taking 5 or 10 supplements you have no idea which one is doing what.

My current routine.

Morning: wash face with Head and Shoulders Clear Classic

Eat apple, oatmeal, or gluten free cereal drink 2 glasses water

Noon: eat chicken and rice with Veggies, drink 2 glasses water

Evening: Eat fish or chicken, Gluten free pasta with tomato sauce or black beans, or brown rice and some veggies. Drink 2 glasses water.

Snacks: 2 to 3 a day, peanut butter, fruit, gluten free bread

Night: run 3 to 4 miles, light weight exercises, shower immediatly after, wash face, chest back with head and shoulders, wash hair with paul mitchells shampoo/conditioner, drink 2 glasses water before bed.

Weekends: wash with head and shoulders and eat whatever I want.

Makeup: though my face is clear and I feel confident going out without makeup, I do like to cover the pigmentation if I'm going to dinner or a party. I use revlon color stay mineral powder.

I have been 100% clear for over a month, my hyper pigmentation is fading quickly. I have had no hair loss since ending accutane and my hair is growing back thick again.

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Your facial skin is probably too sensative to use H&S while on accutane. It will probably burn your face and be too drying. If your on accutane I suggest you just ride out your course and I hope it works for you.

I just know I could not handle or afford a second course of accutane and H&S worked for me. I did not start to us H&S til a 4 weeks post accutane.

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The active ingredient in H&S is pyrithione zinc. I asked my doctor why it's working, but of course she had no real answer but did say that a small dab of H&S is no more damaging to the skin then all the other acne products out there as long as I use a moisturizer and use sun screen. My derm did give me retin A topical and said I could use it if I wanted at night but since I'm clear I'm going to hold off on using it.

I have realized the less you use in your routine the better.

I also want to point out the diet does help too. Less Gluten and Low sugar. You don't have to go on a strick diet and change your whole eating style, just think about how much sugar is in what you eat, even "healthy food" if the label says more then 4g sugar per serving maybe snack on something else. And then always have one day a week where you just eat badly. The old saying is true "everything in moderation"

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Oh my god, this is so ironic! Because, I went through the EXACT same thing at the EXACT same time. I started accutane at the end of May 2011 - January / February 2012. I got somewhat clear, better than ever. Still wasn't completley happy with it, but later on it started to come back all again. So, tonight will be my first night experimenting this, and this is my last option. And I have a feeling this will work, since I went throught the same thing you did. But, please tell me... Should I use any moisturizers after I wash my face with Head & Shoulders? eusa_think.gif

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