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How Much Bp To Use If Only Treating Chin?

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I've seen Dan's suggestions about how much BP to ramp up to for the full dosage of The Regimen but how much do you think should be a "full dose" if I'm only treating my chin? My forehead will only get a blemish maybe once or twice a year and my cheeks never do. It's really just the chin, so I've been treating only that area with the BP (but moisturizer/jojoba everywhere). I'm not sure how much to scale down the dosage for such a small area. Right now I'm using Neutrogeana on the Spot while I wait for Dan's BP to ship and I'm using slightly less than a dime-sized amount for only my chin. It's hard to use more than that with that product because of how quickly it dries and the white film it leaves, but I could probably do more with Dan's. Any thoughts? Anyone else use The Regimen on just part of their face?

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You'll have to figure out what is best for you... just experiment! :) A small variation won't make a massive difference.

I use BP only around my mouth area/chin, and I use 3/4 finger length of BP.

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I've been on the regimen for just over 4 years now and I use it only on my chin area. Maybe I am using too much, but I normally use about 1 and a half pumps of Dan's BP. It does take a while for it all to absorb into my skin but maybe thats why I have been able to get away with only using it once per day in the evenings.

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i'm only using BP on my chin as well and sometimes i use too much at night and my skin will be way too dry in the morning. then i would not use any BP in the monring to get rid of the dryness, so far it's working. so i guess you don't need as much as dan uses for his whole face - just use it proportionally. and if you skip it in the morning sometimes becaue you feel you're getting too flakey, it should be fine, at least it is for me and i used to break out badly only in the chin area, like you.

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