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Australians: Roaccutane blood tests? Cost of drug?

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Hi people,

In Australia, do we have to take a blood test before going on Roaccutane?

Also, how much does the drug cost approximatly?

I was told by my Gp that if a derm prescribes it, it is heavily subsidised.

Thanks in advance

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Yes on the blood test... Its for your own health, not your doc's vanity (i.e. you need to do it every where in the world, at least u should)

In Australia only derms can perscribe it and it is heavily subsidised... Should be about $4 i think on the PBS... remember i said 'I THINK'

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How long does it take to actually go on the drug?

Like, you goto the derm, they prescribe it, you get the blood test, the derm calls you and says if its safe to take the drug?

A few days?

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Not long at all (not like the initial waiting period of a month or more to see the derm origionally). The second time i went on it (cant remember the 1st), I got my script and had my blood test later that day. I started roaccutane and had an appointment in a week or so to discuss the results of the blood test (they said they would ring me if the test showed any thing any way).

This whole process may depend on the derm but it wont take very long/or will be the same day. I think with accutane, because there are so many 'young, otherwise healthy teenagers' taking it the 2nd round of blood tests after you have been on roaccutane is what the doctors are more interested in. They will show any unwanted side effects from the drug itself

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Thanks again, so many helpful people on this board!

Its good to know there won't be a wait in regards to when you can start taking the drug - i can't imagine how bad the anticipation would be if you had to see the derm, then get the blood test, then have another appointment, then start taking the drug.

The wait to see the derm is killing me as it is.

Thanks again.

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