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Help on Dove Products and Acne Types

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I don't really know what type of acne I have, its a bunch of flesh colored bumps with blackheads, occasional small whiteheads and about once a week I'll have a large red bump that is really hard and sore that eventually turns into the mother of all whiteheads.

The blackheads give my face a really uneven look and I can't get rid of them no matter what i try does anyone know anything about this>?

But I've pretty much tried every type of over the counter acne cleanser, scrub, etc. and nothing seems to help much..

I can't use Dan's Regimine too much because I have mandatory Physical Training 3 times a week and this is just too impractical for me to use (time constraints while getting to work after pt etc.)

anyways I just bought 2 products made by dove one is a Daily Exfoliating Cleanser (w/ soft massage beads) its part of the essential nutrients line and has green tea extract

and i bought the face care day lotion that goes with it (SPF 15)

has anyone heard of any of these and what are the results of it?

any advice on how to get rid of what i got would be helpful


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Those big with bumps you get are cause by Bactiria. Try Cleasner contianing Tea Tree oil (or some type of Anti Bactirial Cleaser) or messaging 100% Tea tree oil into your skin before you moistuize at night. That should aslo work with the whiteheads blackheads and little bumps. The little flesh bumps you should just spot treat them with BP, SA, or TTO. They will ethier go down or form a head (if they do pop it in a safe steril matter) Dove worked well for me it got me to my clear state that I am today but I am currently using Nubian Black soap which is more natrual with tea tree oil as a treatment and Nutrogena Visbly even as a Day time moisture.

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I'll try to take some pictues, but these flesh colored bumps I have are like pores that are clogged or somthing and just become a bump, they don't hurt but they form lots of blackheads and if i sqeeuze them they have white stuff (its not gooey its like hard and its seems like its been in there forever) and sometimes the head of the blackhead will come out

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Be careful with the tea tree oil. Like BP, higher concentrations can be very irritating, and it doesn't make sense to use them when 10% should be effective. You can find many products (especially in health food stores) with tea tree oil in them.

Dan's regimen doesn't take a long time for me. It probably takes me 60 seconds to rub in the BP. I've kind of figured out a way to space it apart like applying it, then making coffee, then applying lotion, eating breakfast, then putting on makeup. How does working out cause a problem for you? I really think that just twice a day would do the trick - forget reapplying.

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because usually my days start at 645 with PT (Do not apply)

then I have to shower at the gym on base quickly (im in the airforce)

and I don't really have time to apply that kind of stuff to my face because from there its straight to work

so the only other option is to only do the procedure at night.

anyone know what these hard bumps are that don't form a head and just sit there?

if I squeeze them hard yellow stuff comes out not squishy and they arn't blackheads (which i have too)

but they make my face look EXTREMLY uneven

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