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Finished My 4 Month Accutane Course, Hurray! Quick Question.

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So i've finally finished my 4 month 80mg a day course. I've gone 2 weeks without any accutane and I woke up this morning with a SLIGHTLY greasier face than normal. I'm hoping my skin doesn't go back to it's old super oily ways!

So my question is:

What kind of regimen should I use for my face now? At the moment I do nothing for my face. I just wake up, have a shower, go through the day and then sleep. Repeat the next day. I'm afraid this'll make the acne + oil come back though.

Whilst I was on accutane I put absolutely nothing on my face, a part from a moisturiser, maybe about 5 times in total over 4 months.

I know my skin is still incredibly sensitive and I've been left with a load of red marks from where my pimples previously were. What post-accutane advice would you guys give me?

I'm from the UK, if that helps.


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I’ve been on Accutane twice so I know how sensitive the skin is and how the skin can also appear thin a fragile. For now, you’re doing the right thing by being gentle with your skin. Although using a gentle skin cleanser like “cetaphil” is perfect for washing away dry skin or oil and it will also open up your pores. I used “cetaphil” for several months when I was on Accutane and I still use it now.

You mentioned your skin felt oily/greasy after two-weeks of stopping treatment, for me, it took around 3 months before I noticed the oil coming back and it wasn’t that much. I also noticed that after several months the oil worsened but on the bright side it never came back as bad as it was before Accutane. I also experienced mild acne after 9 months coming off Accutane.

If the oil does come back, I recommend you get yourself a deep cleanser, “Neutrogena visibly clear” or something similar just to clear the oil and reduce the chances of block pores. "Cetaphil" is too gentle for really oily skin in my opinion, and if your skin is dry just moisturize it a little bit. Other than that, just enjoy your clear skin and don’t try to do too much, especially if your skin is okay and mainly spot free.

I'm from the UK, too.

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HA i got oily 2 weeks after stopping, sucks. FREAKING HATE IT. however i was on a low dose of 30mg for 6 months. But right now, I put on epiduo twice a day. Kinda works, oil is still awful though. Not as bad as before accutane, but no where as good as how it felt to be on accutane

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I had 2 course of Accutane.

My Acne came back and Oilyness came back after 3-8weeks of ending course.

This is not to discourage you but there are successful patients on Accutane.

My Advice (Take it with Pinch of Salt)

1. Wash 1-2 times daily with Non-Soap, Non-Preservative, Non-Mineralized/Chlorinated Water.

2. What is shown on the face is absolutely related to what food you eat. I suggest a good healthy diet.

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