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Just A Quick Self Evaluation.

soo i've had acne since i was about 12. started out mild, got moderately severe, now it's mild again being 18.. i've tried numerous OTC products, been on retin a (cleared me up the best) antibiotics, accutane which didnt clear me up, benzaclin, dan's regimen which was okay but was honestly too time consuming. it's been a roller coaster. one thing i can say though is that my diet hasn't ever been the best, as of now i don't drink pop and i really cut back on sugars i try to eat as healthy as possible with what i have in my house. I still eat white bread, don't know why my parents don't buy wheat after telling them how much healthier it is than white bread, especially 12 grain.

i was kinda thinking, when i was on accutane i never was clear....i had reallllly dry skin but still got acne, so then oil production wasn't the culprit with my acne thus not making it hormonal???.... i'm thinking it has something to do with my stomach and bacteria/ diet... i've tried diets before but after 2 months or so i stop or just don't have the money to do it anymore. my acne isn't bad anymore, i get a few breakouts here and there but no where near as before. still though, i'm wondering if this makes sense.. awhile back when my acne was just starting to get real bad i was on tretinoin at night and benzaclin during the day and that's the clearest my skin as been in years. so it might now be oil that's causing my acne?

idk if i'm right but i think i'm on to something, if anyone can give me any insight it'd be appreciated .

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