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This is my second time on Accutane. I am taking 20mg a day, but I have stopped because of my knees. I was only taking my second course for like 4 weeks.

The last few days my knees have been like an old creaking door when I move them back and forth. I can also feel slight rubbing at the top of the knee cap as well as the sides. It also feels spongy at times and when I squeeze the knee cap I can almost hear and feel a cringe. I also feel a slight warmth in the knees. I’ve done no exercise apart from some running 3 weeks ago but it wasn’t that that did it.

Any advice or clues to as what it is.

Thanks for any help.

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My left knee also feels spongy. However this has absolutely nothing to do with Roaccutane. I over-trained playing football and damaged it last year. If I do light jogging, the spongy feeling is ever more prevalent. Perhaps you may have done something similar?

Also, why only 20mg a day? I am on double that, and I even consider that to be low. For the drug to work effectively, daily amount is more important than a lengthy course duration.

Anyway, I suggest you go see your GP. Something like this should not be left to an internet forum or google.

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