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So lets all pitch in and give our opinion or ideas as to the dangers of scar treatments. Is it really THAT BIG OF A DEAL?? Specifically I mean fraxel lasers, subcision, chemical peels, tca. Its hard to tell if only the people who have had problems get back on here to complain about their procedure while the successful treatments go more unnoticed. Are these treaumatic experiences? Couldnt you just go in get improvements here or there and call it a day? I know it wont be perfect but for real...Let me know what you think. Wouldnt making the problem worse seem kind of a rare event??

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In my opinion i think its like this:

If AHA's and other acids work for you but the results being slow or you've been using them for awhile and have little results i would start off with a peel like TCA. Do a couple rounds of this and see how it goes. Most people dont come back because such methods work and produce the results they need.

If AHA's or other acids dont work or you have sensitivities to them and cannot get passed this then i would consider other alternatives before lasers like copper peptides. If and then i would go for lasers.

These procedures do work, its just not on everyone and its hard to tell. Peels its a little easier because if you responded okay to lower AHA's then this shouldnt be a problem

again my own opinion on the matter. I have no experience with anything besides AHA's and BHA's. They work for me and i have no desire to invest in anything else.

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My BHA peels have worked spectacularly for me on scars (did not intend to use them for scarring actually, it's coincidental).

If I continue to see improvement, I see no reason to risk another, more invasic peel, especially since, when I do burn myself with a peel, I end up getting noticable PIH.

At any rate, the other stuff, fraxels nd subscision--that's just too expensive for me. Dermarolling and microdermabrasion are the only things I would really consider outside of peels, but even dermarolling makes me nervous.

And remember, we're not dealing with just risk when we talk about treatments turning against you and making things worse. Yes, we can quantify the number of people who get good, no, and bad results, but even after that and factoring in the risk factors, we're left with an element of uncertainty. Whenever uncertainty enters, our actions must be governed by the outcomes. What this implies is that, if we have a treatment turn against us, we need to be able to sya that it was worth it.

So, for me, would a TCA peel be worth it? No, the potential damage it could do far outweighs the problems that I am having now. Is dermarolling worth it? Maybe--I'm borderline, but I know that if it did work against me, then it most certainly would not have been worth it.

Remember that humans do a very poor job at assessing and factoring in risk/uncertainty on the downside and upside; they fail to account for the full weight on the down and over-expect on the up. This is why you'll see these manic episodes in capital and money markets.

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