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Hi, i've been on the regime (but not using acne.org products) for... 5-6 days only. The amount of BP i applied on my fface was the length of the tip of my pointer finger to the first joint, like what Dan picture shows. The first 3 days my face was normal, not dry, red or irritated at all and my skin was slowly clearing. But till the 4th day, my skin started to burn and be red. No dryness yet though. The next day my skin was dry and SO RED and it burned ALOT. I didn't decrease the amount of dosage though sad.png Today (6th day) I woke up with a very tight and dry face. When i cleanse my face with cetaphil, it was okay but dry and a little redder. I just applied my BP and moisturizer, my skin is VERY dry and tight,red and it's burning :( , so i washed it off (with cetaphil) and the redness and burning reduce just a LITTLE. My skin is stinging and burning T^T

Did i start too fast, should i lower my dosage amount? I think I made a mistake because i saw that others started off with a pea-sized amount T T

I don't have jojoba oil (and i cant find it neither)

Please give me advice, i am so in pain :( thanks so much!!!

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you definitely started way too fast. u should just use peasize. may seem too little in the begining but it will be worth it in the long run. Just get off it for now and moisturise then restart with peasize

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should i apply the BP today in the evening? or should i just skip it for this day and do it tomorrow? because my skin is burning so badly :( thanks for the reply :)

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When i first started i just used pea size once in the evening for a week then up the dosage so like if ur face is use to it then u can go for peasize twice a day so morning adn evening. And then just work your self up by 4th week u should be on the full dosage. So just set goals for your self between now and week 4. around week 2 you might start seeing breakouts, thats perfectly normal and around week 4 will feel like the moisturiser isnt moisturising enough. So i tip is u can apply moisturiser in 2 steps and make faces so that it goes in to ur pores. When i say 2 steps i mean cleans, bp, moisturise, and moisturise again. prob one pump of moisturiser or w.e ur preference is. Right now im cleansing once a day, only in the evening and just wash face with water in the morning cause i feel like the cleanser drys out my skin too much.

Hope that helps. Good Luck

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