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Well Water Caused Acne?

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Hello everyone, I am 23 years old and haven moderate acne on my cheeks and neck. I did not start having breakouts and issues until I was about 19 or 20 years old. Until then, I had a pretty clear face, no major issues or breakouts. I have tried almost every medication, even accutane, but it seems to contnue to come back.

I have one theory. Around the same time that I started having acne I moved into a different house. The previous house was on city water and the new house is on well water. Can very "hard" water, high in minerals irritate my face and cause acne or was it just a coincidence? Im not entirely convinced its hormones becuase I never had acne in highschool. Does anyone have any similiar experiences? Thank You!

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My acne seemed to flare really badly since I moved from the woods where I lived in a LEED-certified dorm/house with filtered showers to a condo in the city. In fact, the cystic acne most definitely coincided. However, I think we have city water here, so I don't think it's a clear black or white issue. It could be a combination of new/different water and stress of moving? I have also been under a lot of stress, which is my major trigger.

Also, hormonal acne can surface in your 20's or worsen if you had pre-existing acne in your teens, making it extremely difficult to single out from other causes.

Maybe one way around it is to just get shower filters? You might be onto something.

Need. shower. filter. now!


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