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Accutane And Workout Supplements

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my doctor prescribed me accutane and he said he would stay away from all supplements even protein. i dont see what the big deal about protein shakes is. has anyone drank them on accutane and knows if they are safe? also i drink alooot of milk..will an excess amount be bad on accutane because of vitamin A in it?

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maybe the milk and those supplement are causing acne itself. The "big" deal, is that those supplements, i guess whey protein and creatine, makes insulin spike, which leads more DHT production and acne

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ive had acne before i started working out or took protein..nothing about my skin has changed for better or worse since i started so i dont see it causing it

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I have been thinking about taking whey protein, however like yourself I'm not sure about it. I was under the impression that Whey protein is treated by the body in just the same way as another other protein (for example, from a tin of tuna), its just food is it not? I don't know for sure though so I have decided to err on the side of caution.

You can take your whey protein with just water by the way, not as tasty though.

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I've been on accutane for two months.

Current supplements -

Total Mass Gained by MyProtein

Creatine CEE - should go back to Monohydrate

Jack3d pre workout supplement




My dermatologist doesn't seem to mind, just check the Vitamin A content of the supplements. All-in-pnes can contain an amount of Vitamin A.

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