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I'm New And Need Some Advice

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Hello everyone

I am new and diving in the deep end with a question(s) I have and hope someone can help me.

These may sound like trivial questions but I am actually confused as to what I can and cant do.

I have been prescriped oxtetracycline (from the tetracycline family) for acne to be taken twice a day. I have some questions though:

I will be taking this medicine with water but it is okay to have a cup of tea after without waiting so many hours? (I dont drink a lot of tea)

Can I take this medicine before bed? If not how long do I have to wait?

If I took this medicine two hours after food, I presume I cant eat after this for at least another two hours?

Does it matter if I take this medicine before food but it is longer than one hour?

Thank you!

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I am the perfect guy for this! I got prescribed oxtetracycline for a while, then built a resistance to it! It no longer works :(

Basically, I'm just going to tell you how I took it, as it worked for me.

Don't stress over the food issue, that you can't eat, just aslong as you don't stuff your face before hand.

I set an alarm for 5 in the morning, since I wake up at 6/7 anyway, so I could take it on an empty stomach, and let it pass through without food on top, as for the night one, I just took it before I went to bed, simple, theres not much more you can do! You can't to to bed hungry.

Your not suppose to drink milk with it either, or take zinc, I avoided milk when taking the medication, only drinking it when I woke up, and not too close to bed time. As for the zinc, I still took it, just right before I left the house, zinc is very good for acne!

Anything else I can do just quot me!

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