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Hey, 18 male here. I am a sufferer of seborrheic dermatitis for some years (5? 6? Can't recall, to be honest) but now, thanks to the ointment prescribed by a dermatologist, it's not a big deal and even using the medicine once (or twice) a week is really enough to keep my skin in the "normal" range of colours (in summer even less frequently than that). That's not the point of my question, though.

My face is full of blackheads and whiteheads. My chin is covered really densely with the whiteheads which can't be "physically" removed (I have only recently found out that actually it's not the way they should be dealt with) while the rest of the face is filled with blackheads. They're not terribly visible from a distance but when someone talks with me, they can be seen without a problem. Some time ago they used to be even more visible but since this ointment curation, they became less pushy. How can I get rid of them, though, considering that I have seborrheic dermatitis? Can I use cosmetics with salicylic acid (heard it was good for b/w-heads) or such drying is not good for my skin?

And regarding my current skin treatment, I use a moisture and matting cream every morning and night, sometimes (when I feel my skin is dry somewhere which happens rather seldom) Cetaphil moisture and, as stated before, Protopic (not sure if that's some official name? In my country it is, at least) ointment once or twice a week in winter and around once per two weeks in hotter periods. What should I use? Please don't use the names of specific medicines as most likely I won't find them in my country anyway. Please tell me what ingredients to look for, instead and I'll try to browse the range of cosmetics available here :)

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