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Seeing A Lot Of Concerned And Concerning Post..

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So here's a little info on me.. I started my accutane course last February and finished my course in July. The first couple of months you are still going to break out, you are still going to have red skin and you still won't be acne free, this is because accutane takes TIME to work. It is not an instant gratification pill BUT it will give you the success you could only dream of at the END of the course.

At about the beginning of my 5th month I had finally stopped breaking out in total which was amazing in itself and great. So after the breakouts stop next is pretty much the recovering phase for your skin and your scars which then will take another 5 months at least. I'm obviously going off of my own results which were; the breakouts stopped in June and then my skin began to SLOWLY fade my scars away, it takes months for some scars to completely faded away if not remain but very subtle, I’m a year from the beginning of my course now and I still have light scarring yes but it is extremely light and NOTHING like it was before.

I am so GRATEFUL was able to go through my journey with accutane because it gave me myself back. It gave me that confidence I had lost and I was DEFINATELY not living life to the fullest. I no longer awake in the morning with the fear that I might have a new breakout. I no longer HATE mirrors.

This post is for those of you who are afraid or want instant gratification from accutane. Don't worry the side effects will go away eventually, mine ALL did. As for those who think accutane isn't working for you because you are still breaking out, have no fear because you'll breakout up to at least month 3 if not 4, it's normal and you'll be fine. Like I said I am SO happy I was able to take accutane, I started breaking out when I was 13 and had persistent acne up until age 22. I just turned 23 as of yesterday and right now while typing this I just got a BIG grin on my face because I just realized yesterday was my FIRST birthday in 10 years that I was able to celebrate without a breakout on my face and without low self esteem. Anyways I wish good luck and hope any of you on your course right now find some comfort in this, you'll be fine. Any questions just ask.

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Yes everyone is different and yes everyone is effected differently but it's when you live with a mindset and fear like that which might cause not so desired results. Thank you for replying though because you reminded me to give one more piece me advice which is if you go into your course with doubt and fear well then you are more likely to get what those results. Keep a positive state of mind and hope for the best.

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