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How Do You Not Pick Off Or Break Those Mushy And Soft Whiteheads While Washing Your Face?

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I sometimes get these small but mushy pimples where the whitehead is big and soft, nearly like icing.

I find it impossible to wash my face while keeping them intact and impossible to not open it up and let the pus leak out. I don't want these to cause more pimples with that pus on my face..

So annoying! :P Any tips? Wash around it?

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I would push it out--I've found that if I don't, I get really bad PIH and it takes weeks to go away.

I would think the use of BP and maybe washing would fix the problem of spreading the infection.

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This is a difficult one. The cystic acne on your face is very deep and tender, and it is recommended you do NOT try to extract these yourself. However, the superficial ones that are so sensitive to the touch, they easily pop, it's best to extract these.

If your blemishes are popping before you wash your face, I'd recommended you extract them before washing. Simply take a moist hot cloth and drape it over your face. Let the steam do it's magic -- it's not "opening" or "closing" the pores. Steam softens the skin and makes it easier for things to be extracted.

Wash your hands. Then find the easily extractable blemishes, stretch the skin around it (slightly), push down gently and wiggle your fingers back and forth as you push inward. That should do the trick.

Any blemishes that cannot be extracted with this method aren't ready for extraction and should be left alone. Continue gently washing your face and finish your regimen.

Hope this helps.

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I had one of these recently - and I have another forming in a different spot. rolleyes.gif Anyway, I washed my hands, sterilized a needle, and gently poked at it. The gunk came out by itself which was a great sign, but there was still some left so I wrapped tissue around my fingers and gently squeezed it out. It did bleed a little, but stopped quickly. I've been treating it with Neosporin and it's just a flat red dot now after 2 days.

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