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I had severe acne starting sixth grade all the way through 11th. In middle school when it started I listened to my mom who started me on neutregena and salicydic acid treatments. They didn't work at all. After the three years of middle school my dad finally thought he'd mention that he used clearasil when he was growing up. So I got that(benzoyl peroxide). It worked ok but not great. And it certainly didn't clear me up completly. I can say it brought me from severe to moderate. However, the time delay thats talked about on http://www.acne.org/whattoexpect.html of this site. Is extremely accurate. I would go an a three day outdoor trip, not bring the benzoyl, and have an immediate break out as soon as I started back on the benzoyl, with just a three day break. Around 11th grade I stopped listening to other people and just tried to figure it out myself. Around this same time I discovered lava for my hands. I use a lot of paints, and oils. So it was a dream for my hands. Anyway, I tried it on my face. I have never had a full breakout since. Sure, I have had random zits occasionally, but everything clears up so fast using lava. For example, on my nose just last week, I felt a bump. Unnoticeable to anyone else, yet to me five years ago it would mean a week or two with a huge bump for everyone to see( i.e. the beginings of a nodule). I washed my face with lava that morning and the next morning the bump was a whitehead. I washed my face that morning, and it was just a wound after my shower(or whatever you want to call a poped zit). No person would have noticed it unless they were inspecting my face. Don't get me wrong this is an extremely harsh treatment. Lava is an extremely harsh soap for hands and is not meant for face. But it does work and has no side effects like accutane.

Something to add, some people have said this might act as an exfoliate for my skin, Other people have used saltwater, they say it hurts but it works. Mine doesn't hurt, I don't know if it is an exfoliate I just know it starts working imediatly, and it needs no skin adjusting time

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