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So I have been on the regimen for four months and I am completely clear! However,as the summer months approach I know I will need to start regularly applying sunscreen. Any recommendations for sunscreen or possibly a moisturizer with SPF in it. More specifically for those on the regimen what sunscreens they found to work the best with the regimen


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I am on the regimen and it is a tough search. I actually go w/ what dan recommended in an old video. I use walgreens brand sunscreen, it looks different than it does in the video if you can find it on his blog, but here is the link http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/walgreens-sunscreen-with-zinc-oxide/ID=prod6011721-product

I know it comes in a jar instead of pump, which we all know is unsanitary. But if it is your own, just make sure you wash your hands and dry before applying. And It is perfect as a mostuirzer and spf.

Another thing is try to using olay complete sensitive skin spf 15. Some people don't like using this alone, bc it is a bit drying. So you can try mixing it with your moisturizer, for sufficient moisture. Or just apply over moisturizer. Which ever works for you.

If you don't want to try any of these try going to http://www.beautypedia.com/AdvancedSearch.aspx and in the category select moistuirzer w/ spf and hit search. There are a ton of reviews on almost every product imaginable. She categorizes products on how accurate they to there claim, if the ingredients are effective or not, if ingredients are irritating to sensitive or acne prone skin.

Hope this helps.

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