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Repressed Emotions, Energetic Healing, Etc, Etc

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So as open-minded as I am it is still difficult for me to truly believe that distance/crystal healing or anything woo-woo has any validity or basis in science and our consensus reality. I will say that the placebo effect is extremely fascinating to me as is the evidence for said meridians and the "human energetic system," but I digress...have any of you SKEPTICS or otherwise I suppose tried anything very alternative and had positive results? Care to share?

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I'm actually writing a paper on the effects of mindfulness. Lots of studies are being done in it's relationship to changing thought patterns, all my sources have to peer-reviewed and academic and I can safely say that the results are very interesting.

Mindfulness isn't about reducing a symptom though, it's about changing the anxiety/stress you have about it. Qi gong, yoga, and meditation, on the other hand, do show a decrease in phobias, social anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, etc. while increasing one's self-compassion, a better understanding of the goals of therapy and their own development, and more optimistic about their own progress.

As for the "woo-woo" part of it, there's plenty of stuff scientists just can't explain for the life of them. Really obvious-sounding things that seem like they would answer too, like why we sleep, or why a bicycle is able to stay upright. Is it any wonder the reason for humanity's existence has never been scientifically proven? Likewise, there are plenty of practices from Eastern societies (which have been around way longer than we have and kept detailed records of every single oracle bone reading that ever took place in an Emporer's court, in China's case) that are very beneficial.

There's way more out there than a skeptic you.

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