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Acne Scars And Oily Face

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Hi! Im currently on my third month of the regimen and I gotta say that I am seeing some results. I used to breakout a lot on both of my cheeks and forehead but i rarely do now. Since the regimen, I've noticed that my face got clearer and brighter. Since I used to breakout mostly on my cheeks, I developed acne scars. I have some dark, reddish scars on both of my cheeks. So, does the regimen eliminate acne scars too? Or is there a separate product for that? Also, I posted a while ago about over dryness on my face. The over dryness started about a week after the regimen. But the overdryness went away after I paused with the regimen after a week. Now i have a new dilemma. My face is super oily. Especially on the forehead area. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

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Are you sure these are scars and not hyperpigmentation marks left by acne?

They sound like hyperpigmentation marks which will fade over time, usually begin to fade within a couple of months and should be completely gone within a year. As you're no longer dry from the BP, you can choose to incorporate AHA+ in to your regimen and use the AHA+ in place of your night time moisturiser once or twice a week to speed up the fading process.

This is a helpful link to identify scars from hyperpigmentation.


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Oh. I think i might have mis-named it. Maybe the red marks aren't scars after all since they do not look anything like the pictures. The marks on my cheeks mostly were acne, now that I have started using the regimen, i've noticed that they've started fading and turning to dark-reddish marks. I'll try to post some pictures when I get a chance.

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