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Accutane journal

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I'm 25 and starting accutane next week. i also get cysts but have never had any kids. I know what you're going through and i wish you the best of luck. may i ask, did they tell you start accutane on the 3 rd day of your period? because, my doc never informed me of such a thing???

take care and i look forward to your post.

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Hey there. I don't know if it's a regular thing to start on a certain day of your period or not. It did say that in the literature that I received that some doctors like to start Accutane a couple of days into a woman's period. Probably just to help insure the no pregnancy thing! Anyway, thanks guys for the support, I'll be updating the site as often as possible and I'll get some pictures up soon. The side effects aren't too bad yet wink.gif Hopefully it will stay this way! Prayers to all who get the courage to try this (I know as well as you that no matter how bad the acne, it's still a nerve-racking experience starting a med with so many possible reactions). Love to all!! Stace smile.gif

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I noticed you said you didn't have enough money for accutane and you were getting a loan - first before doing that I would check into the program that Roche offers to those who cannot afford the drug. It's very expensive and I'd hate for you to be debted to your mother forever when you might be able to get it free. Luckily I have insurance so I'm not exactly sure of the program but I do know some people here on the boards are more knowledgeable about it. Good luck!


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