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Helping Others Feel Better About Their Acne

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Disagree on my part...the only real reason that I stay on these forums is for the research and education of others. I have the results that I was aiming for, 99% clear skin, so I don't really care to aid others in an emotional fashion. Might seem mean, but that's why I'm here. lol.

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I see it as a win-win situation. Prior to joining the boards, I had never talked about my acne and I was ashamed of it and how I looked to be honest. So when I found the boards and particularly this section, it was like I had thirteen years worth of built up emotion I needed to let out. I felt safe sharing it with people who could relate and who could also advise me along the way. It's all got me through a really tough year or so and also played a huge part in how much I've improved my skin.

That aspect of it is one-sided, but it turned out that sharing those stories also helped others and I got a real kick out of that because I like helping people, I'm happy to be of use, and it's nice to think that I can do something positive with my negative experiencing. Generally speaking, my days of battling acne seem to mostly be behind me now, but it doesn't take the experiences away so I still like to use those to help people in the way others have helped me.

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I visit this section a lot to try and give others some hope, to let them know they're not alone and that things can get better! And that even if the acne itself doesn't change, your perspective can, and that will make a huge difference to how you feel. I use the rest of the board to educate myself on other areas and to give cosmetic advice lol

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