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just wondering if using lactic acid peels would help my uneven skin tone, red marks, and texture???? Most of my pimples are gone and now i'm dealing with red marks and red skin. My face looks seriously old and diseased because of these marks. WOuld a lactic acid peel help in my situation or would it just make it worse???

Also, i'm using clindoxyl gel on my pimples and bumps, but does the BP in the gel SLOW down the healing process??? i mean to turn my skin back into it's normal complexture. Should i just use it on the spots that are pimple FREE so it prevents anymore pimples to return????

I'm just worried that i'm doing more harm then good with all these products i've been trying. So maybe that lactic acid peel will benefit me because it will peel away my gross skin that's contaminated by BP and gel and other crap. Let me know what you think.


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Well, i used a lactic acid wash (5%)for some time.

But i used it togheter with some other products.

It makes your face feel kinda tight, and dry in the good way.

Pretty smooth too, if there is no flaking.

The only negative is that my face got kinda red after a while,

but maybe this was cause i added a bunch of other things.

So maybe you can begin with once a day, see what it gives.

Eucerin renewall contains LA too, and dan loves it.

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Oh, well, then you got a lactic acid peel i guess.

I had a wash, something i used twice a day.

Never did peels, so cant tell about that

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Try it to find out. I just did one lastnight. 40% left it on for 3 min, I got from puredeming.com. You have to be careful not to use any harsh products (face cleansers, BP) before the peel. But you can go back to them 24 hrs later, maybe earlier if your skin did not get irratated. Lactic is very gentle and yes it will help with your complexion, after about the 4th to 6th peel. Your really better off getting this info from the scar fourm. As it has been posted there many, MANY times.

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