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Mini Me.

Spiro Help After Accutane

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Urgh so I'm back 3 months after Tane and I'm breaking out in plugged pores all over my face except my forehead...

I don't want to do Tane again as I hated it...

My question is. An you still have hormonal acne even though I don't have oily skin?

And it's Spiro only for cystic acne? Please someone help I'm really depressed feel like I went through 6months of hell for nothing

Thanks guys X

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Hi Mini Me :)

Your skin sounds similar to mine... hormonal acne, clogged pores everywhere except forehead, non-oily. I am currently on day 46 of Accutane (just started 40mg). Still have a long way to go and I hate it (another similarity) and I totally get how you would feel like you went through 6 months of hell for nothing. Sorry you're going through this :(

My understanding is yes, you can still have hormonal acne without oily skin.

Don't know much about Spiro, but I'm interested to see what others say. In the meantime, hugs to you.

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Thank you for your reply! It was the first thing I did when I woke up this morning check for replys. Except stand and star at my disgrace of a face. Ha!

Keep going on the Tane it does get better. Make sure you keep your self hydrated and skin well moisturised. Don't hesitate to ask any questions :)

Urgh I sure hope you can have non oily skin with hormonal acne. I hope someone replys and letsme know if spiro worked for them with a similar issue...

Keep going on the Tane

Best of luck, let me know how you get on


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Thanks for your encouragement! It really helps ;) oh and I know what you mean about standing there staring at my disgrace of a face... LOL... like a train wreck... don't want to look but can't look away!

I have hormonal acne without oily skin, so it's possible... ugh.

I heard that Accutane continues to work months after you stop taking it. Could it be possible that you're having a little "blip" and things will clear up soon? Has it gotten better for you or worse since you posted?

I hope someone replies about the Spiro too! Hope you're doing well! :)

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Omg exactly that! Can't look but can't bring myself to look away! I broke out 1 month after tane... And still breaking out now. But not in big cysts just like ally pores are congested and full of shit!

Where abouts do you get your acne? Do you get a lot on your cheeks?

How's your skin reacting to the tane?

Aghhhh please someone reply about spiro and dry skin

Thanks for the reply X

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Hi :)

1 month after... I'm so scared of that happening, since hormones have a mind of their own... I feel for you!!!!

Most of my acne is on my jawline. It's little bumps, like really deep clogged pores, that come to the surface eventually as big zits. I have tiny little under skin bumps allllll over my face though (not many on my forehead though). They seem to be shrinking since being on Accutane, and my jawline has cleared up quite a bit. (After a horrendous IB - it seemed like every little bump on my jawline came to the surface at once OMG). It's definitely an improvement but still bad.

Is yours coming back the same as it was before you went on Accutane? I've been reading about Spiro, and I kind of wish I would have tried it before Accutane. I think it would be a really good thing to try... A lot of people have had success. Have you been to your derm?


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