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I Just Realised I Have Acne... [Help]

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Hi, I've always had spots, I just never have seen it as acne. I'm 15 and have had spots since I was about 12. I have blackheads on my nose, a lot of them, a few lumps under my skin, that when popped, puss comes out and some red kind of lumps over my face, mainly in certain areas (Temples, side of my chin) I also have a few spots on my chest and a lot on my back.

I am wondering what products I should buy to help clear this up, mainly the red lumps, the black heads would be nice too, but don't bother me too much, then the things under my skin don't really bother me, however, I would like them to go as well. I'm from the UK if that makes a difference, I want to get a product where I can just walk into the shop and get it, I don't want to see a doctor or anything, I will use that as a last resort!

Thanks for any help as it is greatly appreciated!

(Any spelling mistakes, blame my iPod)

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Try cetaphil gentle cleansing wash. Maybe pick up the moisturizer too

- stay away from junk food

- lots of fruits and veggies

- Stay hydrated,

- change pillowcase

- don't touch your face, your hands contain Alot of germs as bacteria.

- try not to pop zits, just spreads the bad bacteria underneath the skin.

Try all that and you should be good man, if not then I would get to a derm. Hope the best for you man

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I eat a lot of fruit and veg because I'm vegetarian, so I don't think that's the problem, thanks for the help, I'll buy that later!

Thanks again

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