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Pimples Have Been There For More Than Three Months

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hi I'm 15 years old and starting to have much pimples since summer. but i have 5 or 6 pimples that have been there for more than 3 months and they just don't disappear, they have no head. what shoul I do?

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Hmm, not sure then. They might be blocked pores trying to push out though.

i'm going to post a picture to see if you know what it is

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i may sound stupid but how do i post pictures

i've highlighted the pimples that i'm talking about. most of the other ones are hyperpigmentation

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Your acne looks exactly like mine, I can't f'ing stand it. I also have something that has been there for over 6 months now. It was a black head that tried to push through, it got all red and I popped it, hasn't gone away since, hopefully soon. It pisses me off.

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Just an advice, but maybe u could try changing your diet. Changing from the inside should help as well as using medication. Have fruits and vegtaes in every meal is healthy and reduce oily, greasy food.

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i suffered from this type of acne this acne take ages.....

try adapalene gel....that worked a lot for me

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