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Headaches & Accutane

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Hey everyone! I'm new here, and I had some questions.

I started my accutane treatment (though it's a generic brand called Clarivis or something) 1 week ago on Saturday (the 11th). I took the first pill around 8pm, and woke up the next morning with a headache. Unfortunantly it hasn't completely gone away - there are ups and downs, but it's never that bad to where I can't function normally. I wouldn't even say I need Tylenol or anything. It's just sort of dull and annoying! I have been known to get headaches while not on this medication, so I'm not sure what to do....

Any suggestions? My next appt. isn't until the 8th of October. Are headaches dangerous while on this medication, or just an annoyance that you have to get used to? Also, has anyone else had this problem? So far it seems to be the only side effect for me, though my lips are starting to get a bit dry.


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I've suffered some pretty bad headaches on accutane. They seem to have gone now. Whats your dosage? Cos i only got them once my dosage was upped to 40mg and they lasted for about a week or two.Does it feel like you have a huge surge of pain in your head if you make any really sudden movements??Thats what i had..i think it was just my body adjusting to the tane. Drink lots of water though, cos your body needs it.Accutane dries you out completely.

Headaches are a side effect of accutane though so you're not alone but if they persist, i'd speak to your doc or a derm about it.

Hope everything goes well with the accutane.


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