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Gluten Free + Dairy Free + Small Intestine Repair = Acne Free!

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I want to help others, so I am posting my story here.

I am 40 years old and have suffered from very oily skin and acne since my teenage years. I tried all sorts of topical applications by numerous companies and doctors with almost no success. I did a round of accutane that did reduce my cystic acne in my 20s. But I have always suffered by occassional breakouts that I could pinpoint to diet or time of the month. I just "accepted" my acne.

But this last year, I accidentally cured myself.

While trying to treat my chronic fatigue, I started takine licorice root extract - Deglycyrrhizinated and vitamin c 3 times a day. 3 weeks later, my oil production slowed tremendously. I no longer woke up slathered in my typical morning oil. I no longer had to wash my face 2 time a day to get rid of the shine.

I researched. I learned that licorice root extract helps clean and repair the small intestine. I wondered why did my small intestine need cleaning. I learned about gluten intolerances. I learned gluten can damage the small intestine. I learned dairy becomes hard to digest when the villi tips are damaged. By taking the licorice root extract, I had started the process to clean and repair my small intestines. The vitamin c helps flush the toxins from the body.

I chose to go gluten and dairy free and continue the licorice root extract and the results are amazing. Two months in. My oil production continues to be extremely slight. I no loner have breakouts or zits when my diet is gluten and dairy free. My pores have shrunk. I have always been told that pores never heal - they certainly are beginning to heal here. And I have experimented. After three weeks of no cheese, I had a gluten free pizza with raw goat cheese and voila - ZITS. 2 weeks later, I had a coffee that accidentally had creamer in it - voila zits and my pores opened huge!

The skin is releasing toxins from the inside!!! Toxins, i.e. food intolerances.

I want to also say that my 7 year old daughter's acne also is diminishing. She developed acne at age six and the doctors could not tell me why or advise treatment. I am greatly relieved as a mom to have identified this problem to save her significant grief in her life. Goodness - at age 6 - she had large whiteheads on her chin and I am just so relieved that kids had not started to tease her yet!

I am sharing this story hoping that it helps someone else. We all know the emotional pain acne causes.

Sincerely - K

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Interesting! I didn't know that about licorice. I have been taking a herbal mix which contains licorice and after 3 weeks my skin was starting to improve, then I made the mistake of having a couple of wheat + dairy + sugar days and my face is a mess.

I also suffer from constant exhaustion, and this had been lifting, until my diet crash and now I am struggling again.

I hope your success continues, and what great news that you have helped your daughter while she is so young. I really worry about mine, she is so like me and I hate the thought that she might have to go through years of depression, low self esteem and disfiguring scarring like I have.

Thank you for sharing. smile.png

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That is so great to hear and I'm really glad you found the answer to you and your daughters acne!!

Kind of a weird question, but where on your face did you breakout the most?

I definitely think the key to solving most acne problems lies in proper digestion and addressing food intolerance's. So many of us probably have leaky gut going on because a lot of the time there are no other symptoms to food intolerance's other than acne. When we are eating these things over and over of course it will damage the intestines and inhibit nutrient absorption.

I'm also curious how you take the licorice extract and how much you take? :)

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My husband has chronic fatigue and takes licorice root (along with about 30 other things). He's much better than he was 2 years ago, with the help of lots of supplementation and the guidance of a naturopath. He never had bad facial acne, but his back acne was moderate. Since he's cleaned his diet (no dairy, no gluten, etc), treating his digestion, and been on his supplements, his face and back are always almost completely clear. This is the second time I've heard about licorice root helping someone, I might have to steal some from him :)

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