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blue giraffe

Hypertrophic Scar - Cortisone Shot, Hydroquinone?

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I have a slightly raised scar that is about 2 weeks old. It is from a cyst that I played with too much.

Should I get a cortisone shot to reduce it? It's pretty small, but the discoloration has been bothering me.

I've heard hydroquinone works on flat hyperpigmentation, but would it work on a raised scar to at least reduce the discoloration?

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Posted (edited)

Its way too early to tell if its a hypertropic scar or just left behind inflamation. Give it more time to be sure. I know my cysts leave behind inflamation that later goes away it just take a very long time. Oh and hydroquinion does not work to fade the discoloration, only the essence of time will.

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