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Popped A Cyst, And Now It Looks Like This. Pics

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Well, i'm not sure if it's a cyst. I used to get very mild, small whiteheads. But for the past couple of months, I've been getting BIG pimples that just never seem to come to a head. It sucks because around this time last year, i had flawless skin. literally.

My goal is to have my skin clear by my birthday this year, which is in May. And just when things were looking up, and my scars were fading, i get this huge pimple on my forehead.

A month ago, I had another cyst zit on the side of my face. I didn't touch it/pop it/ anything, and now it's just a brown/purple bump. For cysts, I realized, you just have to get the gunk out of it for it to heal.

So I popped the zit. And I guess I did it the wrong way, because now the skin is broken. ALl the pus is out, but there's still a hard lump under my skin.

It looks terrible. I put neosporin and aquaphor on it. This happened a few hours ago. I'm just hoping and crossing my fingers that it will turn into a scab. I really don't care about the way it looks as long as I know that it will heal in a few weeks.



ANY advice? tips?

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that was a bad move. nothing good comes from popping cysts. use neosporin, but not for more than a week at a time. when these cysts come, you just have to let them run their course and continue with whatever regimen you have. some over the counter medications and cleansers can actually make our skin worse, so be very careful about what you use. ask a dermatiologist to prescribe or recommend something. all that said, ice can bring down swelling (but don't over-do that either because that can be irritating too.) and start drinking green tea (preferably without sugar) as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties and can do wonders for swollen bumps or really anything allergy related. oh yeah, and stop touching your face. i promise you your hands aren't as clean as you think they are.

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I woke up this morning, and the hard bump underneath where the cyst was is gone. The skin is just really tender and still fleshy, obviously a bit dark. I think it's healing as a normal wound now, and it should be gone in a week :)

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I've had numerous chemical peels and have been on topicals to the point where I now have no acne. However, I still have those lumps from previous cysts THAT I DID NOT POP. I was told that sometimes the cyst is so enflamed it naturally ruptures the skin layers.

If there is something you shouldn't do, it would be pop a cyst. That could well be the worst thing to do because it almost always scars you one way or another. I would rather stay indoors for two weeks than pop a cyst haha.

Best of luck, recovery won't be overnight.

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Hmm, thank you. i've actually done some research. I don't think that what I had was a cyst to begin with, it was just a normal wide inflammed pimple. The area that I popped is starting to flake underneath, so im guessing that's a good sign that the new skin is healing

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I had what you had, it seemed like a Cystic pimple to me. Maybe it isn't exactly classified as one, who knows. The diameter of the redness has decreased though, significantly over the course of a couple months.

As long as you don't have an indent I wouldn't worry. Indents do not heal by themselves fully, but redness fades away in due time. Foods such as red meats cause the marks to become darker then usual.

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This is what it looks like today, slowly blending in:


So far, what I've been doing (to prevent it from scarring forever):

- Mederma on it a few times a day

- Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula once at night, once at morning

- Honey (Using as a whole facial mask)

- Dabbing it with Aloe Vera Gel

- Bio Oil on it at night.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not pick your pimples !! ..

Picking pimples is a BIG NO GO .. and can cause permanent scarring , you will regret.

I have scars from picking at my acne .. I WISH someone has told me not to pick

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The only thing so far that has helped my cysts is an internal medication (like antibiotics) combined with a strong retinoid. It is the combination of the two that made the difference. Cysts that have been under the skin for YEARS have slowly come to the surface and the hard core has come out with some pressure.

For me, Retin-A Micro is "strong", but Differen was too "weak" to affect deeper zits.

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