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Just had TCA cross done

I just had tca cross done yesterday and I noticed there's big bumps where my scars were. I also notice there's still a white cast. I'm a bit worried because the bumps inside the scars look like pimples and I cannot afford to have them get deeper. I'm not sure if it's swelling or not but is this a normal reaction? The scars are completely filled in with these bumps. They're quite hard to the touch. eek, i'm worried.

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I have heard of people breaking out after using TCA Complex, but don't recall hearing anything about after TCA CROSS. It's quite possible that your skin is reacting to it, or it could be something else. I agree that you should schedule an appt. with a Dermatologist asap if this is something that concerns you greatly.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

My guess that your skin is trying to over-react to the chemical. I think I have the same thing with 25% TCA. Since you said it's only yesterday, perhaps you want to just see if it stabilizes.

I do have a question though for those who have done dermabrasion or similar techniques. What type of topical do you use to help the healing? I'm using nothing but the trireduction/copperpeptide. I managed to scrape a few skins and revealed pinkish skin underneath. Some of them are just a bit bloody (like you scratch your skin after a mosquito bite).

Any ideas? Scorpio Vixen? Anybody? Hope Misty reads this too.

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