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Hi everyone, I used to post all the time in these forums about a year or so ago, but as they say when people's skin clears up they no longer have a reason usually to come to this message board. So this is my first post in a long time but I just wanted to let people know what worked for me and what is continuing to work for me. smile.gif

I am a 24 year old female who had moderate acne, not cystic but still fairly bad, also body acne too. I tried all kinds of stuff including the regimen( which worked well at first but severly irritated and made my sensitive skin red and flaky so I had to stop using it) but finally I got a scrip for accutane( see my past postings for info on that) and finally! biggrin.gif after the course my acne was gone from both face and body. However a couple months later I began to get some acne again, but nothing like before! Just a few zits or pimples but there was always some blemish on my face even if it was not many and mostly minor if present. Still it was enough to annoy me in my quest for clear skin.

So I've heard alot about Yasmin and I decided to give it a try and I got a scrip from the gynacologist. I have been on it for about 3 months and it has completely cleared my face of the last remaining acne (except for a tiny zit every so often like before my period, which is normal). In fact I can go completely w/out make-up with no worries now and people compliment me on my skin and tell me they would never have suspected that I once had bad complexion problems.

Also, I want to mention that I have been on birth control before a few years ago ( ortho-tri-cyclen) and I hated it!! I had alot of side effects- sore breasts, bloating, emotional, etc. also it did nothing to help my skin. But this new pill yasmin has a differant type of progestin that doesn't cause those side effects. I feel totally like myself on it, the only side effects for me have been clear skin and my fiance says my breasts have grown maybe a 1/2 cup size larger! So as long as I continue to have no negative side effects I think I will stay on yasmin until I'm ready to have a baby( that's won't be for a few more years tongue.gif )

Anyway I hope this was helpful to the women who frequent this message board. Have a great weekend everyone

~ Leah

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I started Yasmin almost 2 months ago hoping it would help my super oily skin/ mild acne but I've just experienced more oil + zits on chin where I usually don't get them. But the baby bumps on my forehead are gone. How long did it take to completely clear your skin, honey bee?

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Yup. yasmin worked wonders for me. It pretty much killed all the acne on my jawline, chin and mouth area, which were always my problematic areas. My cheeks seem to be better too, although they still suffer from the monthly hormonal breakout. :/ Good enough for me though. smile.gif

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