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From my research I gathered that Glytone was going to be a good product for acne. They have this acne kit containing a mild gel wash and salicylic toner. I thought that it was going to work for me but my skin didn't agree with it. It over dried my skin the way Proactiv did. As they say overdrying can or may lead to more pimples. That's what I got. I've been using the product for one month now. Oh well, I guess it's time to use another product. Hopefully, I'll find a product that is going to agree on my skin. Whether we like it or not, each of us have to try out products to see how our body reacts to it. We have to try it to believe it. Unfortunately, there are dozens if not hundreds of acne products on the net. Hopefully, through this forum, our quest for the perfect product for our skin type will be a lot easier.

I just ordered Acnevention from DAK Pharmaceuticals. I heard that it was good. Again, to try it is to believe it.

I'm not totally telling people that Glytone product sucks. They have this popular body wash for keratosis pilaris which I am going to try. I hope it works. But again, to try it is to believe it.

I tried BP by the way but it was overly irritating for me. I have both good experiences and bad experiences from using BP. Sometimes, it does prevent zits from forming. But when the pimple is there already and you apply it, it tends to overdry the zit and cracks it. The crack creates a lesion and can potentially lead to more scarring and hyperpigmentation.

They say that a good skin care regimen coupled with a healthy diet is going to tame acne. Taking vitamin supplements like zinc and Vitamin A,C,E will also help.

In the end, there's no single cure-all that completely eliminates acne. There are just so many factors to put into consideration.

I can see parallels in acne prevention and weight loss. You have to combine healthy habits like exercise, diet and a positive attitude.

I really like this forum because it helps to know that there are other people out there who suffer from the same condition and are very much willing to help.

Thanks y'all!!!

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