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The Overlord

Acne And Extremely Dry Skin (Naturally)

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Hello everyone!

As the title says I have very dry skin and acne. A horrible combination! My acne used to be not so bad but lately it has gotten worse. Especially in the last couple of weeks I have gotten several pustules, one of them today. I am a 22 year old guy and thought I would be done with this stuff by now but I guess not...

Finding a good middle ground between the acne and dry skin has been a huge problem for me for a while. In the summer its not as bad, because the acne looks much better with more sun exposure and the more humid air. Now that its winter again it is much worse though.

Now I know that sun exposure is not good for your skin and should be avoided so I'm trying to find a good way of maintaining clean skin all year around without damaging it over the summer and then hiding out all winter.

The problem is that my skin is naturally very dry and most products that fight acne make it even more dry. So I'm trying to moisturize the skin and fight the acne at the same time. Most days I wash my face only 1x per day in the shower, as the water already my skin out a lot. As a kid I had neurodermitis and while its not that bad anymore, I still have to put moisturizer on my whole body after each shower.

So I have tried maaaany things over the past couple of years so here is what works best for me at the moment:

- Before bed I put on Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel with some Jojoba Oil and 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil

- After my shower I just put on Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel

- I eat healthy

- I drink lemon juice every day and occasionally green tea

- I take 50mg of Zinc a day and Multivitamins

- I use Penaten creme as spot treatment before I go to bed

I tried all kind of cleansers but they are always more irritating than helping. The last one I tried was Cetaphil.

I tried all kind of masks (honey, eggs, different fuits and vegetables, jojoba oil...) but they don't seem to do much either.

I also bought the ARCONA Tea Tree Oil Mask as that got really good reviews but it doesn't do much either.

I tried Brewers Yeast and think it helped a bit but since I can't buy it around here I have to order online and its pretty expensive (and it tastes worse than anything I have ever tried, no matter what juice you use!)

Furthermore, I tried all kind of moisturizers which make me break out, don't moisturize enough or leave me with a greasy and shiny face all day. The garnier one that I'm using is working pretty well as its light, pretty moisturizing and doesn't leave me with a greasy or shiny face. It could still moisturize a bit more though.

As I am a student on a tight budget and not insured at the moment, seeing a dermatologist is not an option.

So now I started working out again and I am getting some pustules around my jaw line and on my cheeks plus some smaller stuff like blackheads. I'm not exactly sure if it came from the workouts or something else, since I had some before too, just not as much. I always had at least 1-2 big red spots on my face from big zits popped and left a nasty mark. There is one especially on one cheek that just keeps on growing back and never fades.

So thats the whole story. Does anyone have tips for me on how to handle my situation? Any suggestions on products are very appreciated! My skin is very sensitive though, so the more natural the product the better! I thought about buying another moisturizer that I can put on before going to bed. You guys think that would be a good idea?

Thanks for your help!

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Right now I'm not using any cleanser, because I haven't found one that doesn't dry out my skin too much. My skin is already very dry and flaky without a cleanser.

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Theoverlord - by eating healthy could you elaborate? Do you eat oils, sugars, candies, greases, fruits? These are the fastest culprits for causing pimples, within hours sometimes if you are enclosing the skin in certain areas.

If you would like to list the foods you eat I will look over them. Also, digestive enzymes are the most immediate and quickest thing you can do to get rid of your acne.

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