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Acutane Teen 17 Female

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I am seventeen, and am on my third month of accutane, why I am on it is because i have a mutant strand of Acne that is resistant to antibiotics. I am starting this to log changes in my program and side effects to see if anyone else has had them. Also to see if anyone else has any tips to deal with them!

One big issue i have been having is blurred eye sight, I don't know if its because of the accutane or my eyes going bad!? Anyone else had similar side effects?

Another is head aches and dizziness, I know this is a common side effect, but I am wondering if anyone has some tips to help deal with it!?

Fatigue!! Does anyone have any tips to help with this!? I live an extremely active life style and am school from 6 to 6. The fatigue is KILLING ME! I know it is this way due to the amount of vitamin A that I am getting from accutane.

finally muscle aches. I am a dancer and this is killing me, my back flexibility is horrible now because my back is so tight. Plus I am constantly stiff and achy. Any tips on how to deal with it!?

Thanks for reading, hope this post helps me and others along the process.

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Hi there.

Try taking Omega 3's like a fish oil tablet (you can take a few a day) and Vitamin E.

Take Vitamin C and B for energy.

Obviously don't take a multi vitamin that contains Vitamin A! Steer clear.

But B and C will help with fatigue!

I'm only on day one of my treatment and I've already noticed blurry vision -- but I have been told that I have a bit of a hypermetabolism, so I don't know if that means my body absorbs meds faster than usual, too.

I'm basically a bit weird.

Good luck! =)

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hey i hope youre doing well...i just started claravis yesterday, im 17 yo male. need any advice let me know

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