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I'm So Sick & Tired Of Everyone Just Stareing At My Acne!

Where do people get the nerve to say something about my acne in public on a public bus. Like seriously i know your concerned about my acne since you've been stareing at my face the whole entire bus ride. I seriously wanted to punch this dude square in the face, and I would of if it wasn't for my little brother being their on the bus with me. I meet with people like this on a daily basis and I'm pretty sure you guys do too. I have been getting alot of negative comments from people this past month since I moved to Hawaii. I seriously don't understand why I still have severe acne. I tried everything thats on the counters. Nothing ever seems to work I feel so hopeless. I can't even stare people in the eye anymore when I talk to them because I can see their eyes pondering all over my face, it makes me so uncomfortable. Sorry guys i just had a really bad day thats all. Normally I have a postive attitude toward things like this but today wasn't a good day at all. I just want to live a normal freaking life! Is that to much to ask for? Jesus i pray that you sustain me through my trials & tribulations. I know my adversitys expand my capacity to handle bigger situations. Don't ever let someone steal your joy & happyniess, take me for example.

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There are a lot of assholes in this world we live in. Examples like this is why I choose to not go out in public most times. If someone stared at me (and I saw them repeatedly keep staring), I'd ask them what the hell their problem is. People are so judgmental and like I said, some people are just straight asses.

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You've experienced first hand just how people can be completely ignorant about acne. The next time that happens to you, refute with a witty remark. Don't let it get to you, because a stranger's words should not affect your life, your happiness.

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