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Will Using The Cleanser Actually Make The Difference?

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So I've been doing the DKR regimen for a few years now, and for the first year or two of doing it, it worked perfectly in clearing up my acne, but unfortunately for the past couple of years it hasn't done much at all to help my acne. The only thing it really does right now is it helps get rid of current acne that I have, but it no longer prevents me from getting acne like it used to. So I have to use other methods to try to avoid getting acne in the first place, haha.

Anyway, my question is wether or not using the actual DKR cleanser could possibly help to prevent me from getting acne even more, because I've always just used the alternative to it which Dan recommended instead, the Basis Skin Sensitve Soap Bar. So if using the actual DKR cleanser could actually help even me more, then I might have to pick some up after all of these years of never trying it.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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Yes, its true, its probably safer aswel. You can cleanse your face with water; but you risk irration. My skin feels clean after cleansing, just try it. As for everything else i am sorry to hear, are you following the regime exactly? Word for word?

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Well sometimes skin changes over time or develops resistance. Also the time of year (humidity,etc. could effect your skin). I've been battling mild acne for years and I found sometime changing my regimen based on irritation or time of year helps. I used to have a fall/winter and spring/summer regimen alternating between facial cleansers and sometimes moisturizers. I noticed skin changes also due to hormones (acne came back around age 22 and during both of my pregnancies). Though outbreaks were temporary and I had to treat with BP and Differin. Try alternating cleansers once your skin seems to get used to it and see if it helps. I think it goes the same for hair (changing out shampoos and conditioners every couple of months).

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