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pumping iron

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I dont know where to put this post but....here goes.....

Will pumping iron increase my acne...by a whole lot?

I still get pimples on my cheeks...like a break out of small white heads every now and then...but nothing serious...it used to be a whole lot worse.......My forhead has been 100% clear for a year now.....So I was wondering...if I pumped iron...will the BIG ZITS start to return on my forehead...which has been 100% clear for a year now....and will the mild acne on my cheeks turn into HUGE zits and cysts...like I used to have about 2 years ago or so???....I have been lifting weights off and on for some time now....but I am now just starting to get on a scedule...lifting 3 times a week for about 1 hour and a half each session.....oh and...I have been lifting weights on a set scedule for about a month now...and I havnt really seen and worsening of my acne....but...will this change???? please reply

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no, sweat and sebum glands are different. all sweating is gonna do is get the toxins out of your skin w/ the sweat.

but you take steroids or anything serious like that, it fuks with you hormones hich is NOT good for acne.

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Lifting heavy can raise testerone levels, also like Dan said, increased calorie intake will also raise testerone levels which makes you more prone to breakouts.

I lift heavy and eat tons and im taking 30mg of testerone pills 3x a day. (sky rocket testerone)

And I still have 110% clear skin while on the regimen.

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