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Need Real Advices About Quitting Differin To Go To Accutane (Pic)

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So here is the thing, I'm a boy and since i hit 15, acne began to apeared on my face , my life suddently took a turn for worse , I don't want to go out anymore , don't want to do anything and then i went to a local skin spa that used extractions and other creams which help me cleared up but for about 3 or 4 months , it came back again , which is where i'm now , I went to the doctor about 2 months ago and he prescribed me with Differin and Doxycyline (100mg)for 2 months , after 2 months i came back to him , well to be honest My chin did cleared up and some part of my face cleared up near the jaws and lower cheeks but my forehead broke out a lot , ( 3 to 5 small inflamed red head which they might go down in 2 days ) . The Doc said that he think that my face is getting better although i hope it is and he gave me 2 more months on differin and doxcyciline to see what will happen . I know they said that u must have patient but at the moment i stillhave oils especially around the nose area and don't know that it will end when i finish the 4 month treatment yet. I'm sick of this and want to get it over with , i'm ready to deal with anything accutane throw at me but the doc doesn't want to precribe accutane yet , do u guys think that i should stick with differin or go to another doctor and get accutane , please help me out , i'm desperate !!!


Oh and the white stuff on my face is benzoyl peroxide i'm u guys wonder

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Your skin is sort of like mine, just less severe than mine. Your forehead is worse but my cheeks are worse. I would say accutane, i really would especislly with your forehead.

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