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Masturbation Causes Acne? Help!

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I heard that if you dont wack for 2+ weeks it goes away? I wack everynight and right now i have serious acne, would quiting slightly improve it if not all?

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I am going to say YES in some way acne and masturbation are related.

I've tried finding ways around this, I've been testing the acne-masturbation correlation since around Christmas of this year.


After just a few days your face will reduce in redness & old pimples start to go away; some small whiteheads may come.

After about a week, you will have dark spots from older acne and some white heads still healing (these dark spots take a while)

After about 2 weeks you will be significantly better, however, most likely you wont be 100% cured.

Although not masturbating helps acne, if you are a teenager like me, it is healthy to release. So I'd say if you are a teen masturbating once every 1.5-2 weeks is fine.

I only get 1 small whitehead, if anything, most of the time nothing. (My "masturbation acne" only comes when I'm masturbating on a daily basis, or every other day)

If you are done with puberty, once or twice a month would be fine, I assume.

Try going a full month, to get out of the habit first though.

EDIT (2 minutes after original post): I've noticed an increase in energy and self confidence by not masturbating, as well.

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If you do it and you breakout the next day, then you know why, just do it without doing it all the way. If you still breakout then dont do it at all, it's simple trial and error. Also try using 2 bp pumps day and night to prevent breakouts. It helps me, though I go a month without doing it.

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CrysisAndrew, in my experience, masturbation does not stop you from breaking out entirely. Even if you were to stop for months. I have had people that just came out of military training and didn't masturbate for half a year and they still had acne. And after they went on an alkaline diet and began taking digestive enzymes their acne disappeared in one month.

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