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Finished 7 Months Course -What To Expect?

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Hi All,

May be most of the people who are clear and done with there treatment won't be hanging around in here. However, I'll still throw a question to the readers.

I took my Last Accutane pill on Sunday and hopefully finished with my 7 months course which was my 2nd course. I am not sure if the derm is going to put me on topical treatment or not. I wish and hope he will do.

However, I just want to get my thoughts about my post accutane regimen.

Any vitamins or supplements I can use to prevent my skin getting over oily as I am pretty sure that caused the acne. I just want to the know the best to take care of my skin.

Let me know please

Thanks everyone

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Hey , I used it got clear and hang around here. Everyone has questions

well let me tell you my results so far.

6 month course and had nodular acne on forehead and back. bad stuff

took the 40's for 2 months then the 80's

was still getting acne 4 months in but started getting results around 4 1/2 months.

completely clear for 5 months, around october of 2011 i began to get a little more on my face just small stuff that would come for maybe a week then leave and not return for 2 weeks and it continued that way until maybe last month. now i have a constant 5 on my face maybe, right now i have three on my chin that are some standard zits but really this is the worst its been since I was 4 months into the stuff. It almost seems like various parts of my chin or face will break out then another part will take its turn. no nodulars yet. realistically i look alot better and look like your average 20 year old but some times i still worry ill have to go back on it.

my advice is this: your clear now, dont worry about every zit you see and dont always think you will need it again when you break out. You dont need more stress. I wish I could follow my own advice but some times it seems your own advice is the hardest to take right?

anyways good luck hope it all works for you

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Thanks so much.

I hope both of us will stay clear. How oily ur skin is now? I am 26 and I never had a nodular and pastular acne in my life. It was only 3 yrs ago I started breaking out like never before and now i m getting more and more worried about it. As my face is completely ruined with the red marks. My skin got really over oily 3yrs back and I believe this is what caused the acne breakout. I just pray that I won't have to face such acne neither I want to go back to accutane again cuz ofcourse the treatment was really really harsh and I still want to get rid of side effects.

I am hoping the topical retinoids will help keep my skin clear.

and I hope the skin won't get oily as it was

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