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Blondie Girl

The Happiness When Your Face Is Temporal "sort Of Clean"

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Right now my skin is so much better, i have a few scars (but with make up they look good) and just a few pimples (really small). But you know how acne is, one day you think your acne is healing and another day it's horrible and you have pimples all over.

But... Last night I went to a concert and like here is summer, we were all wet and my make up was completely DISAPPEARED. My thoughts were: OMG I'm sure im looking horrible, my sking must be looking ugly and everyone is going to spot all my pimples and scars. But when I came home and I saw my face in the mirror... guess what? My skin was looking so good!. Those bad ideas were all on my head. My skin was looking great!!! (you know, "our great") and I was so happy, I was dancing all around just for that.

I know that maybe tomorrow my acne is back... but those moments feel so incredible.

Have this happened to you, guys???

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I'm on accutane and it's really a roller coaster ride, one week my skin will look freakin awesome then out of nowhere more breakouts come. It Deffinetly sucks but gotta keep on pushin!

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We all of us have come to this site in our own time, as we felt necessary. That begs the question, why has one such as I, who has been suffering from acne since age 14, registered here nearly 10 years later? Well, the answer relates heavily to this very topic: perception. A core reason I was reluctant to join was because I was never sure just how severe my acne issues were.

I feel as if, on far more than once occasion, my mind has tricked me into thinking a treatment was working. I went into a little bit of why that is in my 'Irritating Habit' topic, but what it truly comes down to is the want to have healthier skin. You want so badly for it to work that even when it isn't you cannot bring yourself to accept that.

When I was on differin and clindamycin half a year ago I was absolutely certain that the treatment was working. To be sure I took a photo of my back before I started using my prescription, a photo mid way through, and a photo at the end. When the day finally came I compared the photos and found that there had been zero change. Yet up until that point I had been so sure it was gradually working. I was wrong. I needed so badly for it to be effective that I deluded myself into thinking it was true.

As of now I am attempting the oft touted, in certain circles, head and shoulders shampoo method. This time I am even more certain than before, but deep down I can't help but wonder... is it *really* working, or is it all in my mind?

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I've been feeling better about my skin as of late. Right now, it's clear except for my hyperpigmentation marks. It sucks cause it still makes my face look red but with makeup on it doesn't look bad. I really like looking in the mirror and seeing my skin healing :)

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