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Becoming Extremely Depressed Over My Skin ):

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Okay, I have pretty severe acne. I have attached a picture in case you didn't feel like going on my profile. It's 100% hereditary, and I've had it since I was eight or nine. I'm seventeen, so I've had it almost half of my life. Yeah, I've been dealing with it. Sometimes, it doesn't bug me. However, I'm in that terrible position at school where if you have one flaw, you're ugly, don't belong in a group, have no friends, etc. It's bad enough that I have nasty pimples that CONSTANTLY pop up over the night or during the day 24/7, but I have bad scarring from it, too. If I have moderate acne for a week, it doesn't matter because the obvious scars make it appear as if I had acne. It's truly an unpleasant sight.

Back onto topic, I feel completely left out at school. First of all, I'm not the prettiest girl around. I try really hard to be, but I just don't fit in with the other girls. I just want to have friends, which, by the way, I have zero of them. I don't even fit in with the unpopular girls. They're always making fun of me because of my "pizza face". Yeah, we're old enough to stop the name-calling but it happens anyway. My skin is always oily as well, to the point where I can just touch my nose and my finger would look as if I dipped it in olive oil or something. It's not pretty. Anyway, I wear HEAVY make-up to try and cover all of these impurities up. Thinking it helps, it doesn't. They then make fun of me for wearing too much make-up.

It's really taken a toll on me lately. It doesn't help that I'm constantly stressing over school work and trying to maintain all A's. My life isn't a ball of glitter and I can't buy anything expensive or organic to help my skin. I want to see a dermatologist, but I don't have any insurance/money for that. I keep my skin as clean as I can, but it just seems to get dirty within an hour. I'm so tired of it - it hurts my feelings and I can barely look at myself in the mirror.

I've tried Pro-Activ, which ruined my face for quite a long time. My skin was rashy, red, dry, etc. after using it for around three months. I keep getting the urge to pick it up and try it again, but I know the consequences. I wash my face with oil-free, acne-medicated washes and they don't do anything to help. I often put creams on at night that rarely help.

I get the feeling that everyone is staring and pointing at me, saying "Look at this girl, she has such ugly, nasty skin! How does she live with herself?" It's sad. It's not that I'm hideous - I've had a few boyfriends... but after the break-ups, they would always lash out at me and say they couldn't stand seeing my face. I understand it was probably just intended to hurt me, but it really did hurt me. A lot. Last year, I had a hard crush on the guy I thought was perfect. A couple months later, my friend told me that he told her I had the worst skin he's seen and he just didn't know how to let me go without hurting me too much. Ouch.

My point is - I'm depressed. My mom knows I'm depressed, and so does my family. We don't have a lot of money, so nothing much can be done. I just sit in my room after school and sulk. I wish I didn't have to wear make-up or hide my face.

Thanks to anyone who got through reading this. I know I'm ranting, but I have no one else to vent to.



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Hey smile.png

Sorry to hear that you have to deal with that stuff at school. I feel for you and I know what it's like. I battled with bullies and name-calling and all sorts because of my acne. Likewise, I got to a point where I assumed it would stop because we were growing up, but no, the name-calling carried on. Although I figured they were horrible people and that I was a better person than they could ever be, I'll admit that it got to me and in fact it's played a big part in shaping things for me. The mentality in school is horribly shallow and fickle sometimes but I can tell from how this has gotten to you that you're the polar opposite and I'd bet there's a wonderful person under all these things that are holding you back. I'm sure you have lots of great qualities to share with people and the right people are out there somewhere so don't give up. Nobody has any reason to see you as ugly because you are not. Those guys who decided they didn't want to be with you because of your acne obviously aren't worthy of your time and affection. Not that that makes it any easier to deal with the breakups or any easier to stomach the insults, but it's still true.

In terms of practical steps to help your skin, I'd recommend taking at look at the regimen here as well as other alternatives mentioned in the regimen and product sections of the message board. Might give you an idea of what kind of products can make up a good regimen. I made mistakes with the products I used for many years because what I used was too harsh. My skin would really dry out and then produce excess oil to compensate. That would lead to more acne which I'd try to clear by washing excessively. That, of course, would create more oil, so it became a vicious cycle that went around and around. Instead, it's better to try and maintain a simple regimen without the harsh chemicals, giving it time to regulate the acne and bring it under control. Beyond that, perhaps you could consult a dermatologist to get a professional perspective and see if they can help you.

In the meantime, as you work on your skin, I would suggest that you focus on positive things and focus on your school work because it's not worth letting your happiness, your eduction and your future slide because of acne or because of narrow-minded fools. Perhaps easier said than done, but stick with it because everything will work out in the end. Along the way, perhaps things will fall into place. If you go looking for stuff or try too hard, it never works out because we ultimately end up trying to be someone we're not. Be yourself - there's nobody better qualified!


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You have a wonderful heart and I can tell you are a sensitive person. Other people at school should love you regardless of how you look but unfortunately our culture is extremely shallow and in high school it is even worse. You are young so hopefully you'll eventually outgrow acne but regardless there are things to do right now to minimize scarring and help rebuild your confidence. I am 60 and have dealt with acne for a long time. My background is in research and social work so maybe I can help. I wish someone older had helped me.

Here are my suggestions:

Is there a low cost community clinic in your town? Talk with your parents about going as soon as possible. I can not stress this eneough. It is important to see a professional because you have severe acne and this kind of acne can only be treated by a professional (despite what advertising claims). It shouldn't cost too much if you go to a community clinic. Are you on any kind of health plan? If you are low income then you may qualify for some kind of health plan through your state or federal government.

When you are at the clinic talk with the doctor about seeing a dermatologist. Ask if there is a dermatologist who might take on a patient who could do a payment plan.

Call all the dermatologists in your town. Ask to speak to the manager. Tell them your story...you have had severe acne for 10 years - you are poor but can make payments, etc. Can you get one of your parents to do this for you?

Do not use any acne products on your skin until you see a professional. Over the counter acne products can be too harsh for some kinds of acne and just inflame everything more. What makes me think you may fall into this catagory is your response to Proactive.

FYI --- prescription acne treatments can also be strong but you will be under the care of a doctor. Always follow the directions on how to use these products...it will ensure they work properly. Remember it can take months for prescription meds to kick in...this is good because you take them for a long time and slow acting meds are less harmful to the body.

Wash very gently with a mild cleanser like Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar. It will lower some of the bacteria but will not strip your skin.

Try not to use foundation makeups. They may be too thick for your skin and eventhough they say they are non-comedogenic they can clog pores. Use a powder mineral makeup instead. Brush it on and then use a small brush to dab extra on red spots. I like Neutrogena because it hides redness really well. Don't try to cover everything. Everyone can already see you have acne so let your skin breathe.

Avoid eating dairy products (has natural hormones that can aggravate acne). Also cut down on wheat and all sugary foods (causes spikes in insulin which in turn can affect hormones and acne).

Do yoga. Read uplifting and supportive articles that talk about living in the present moment without judging yourself harshly.

You are a beautiful person...this time will pass.

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You're a pretty girl/young woman. In my opinion your acne doesn't really detract from your overall cuteness.

Anyway, when dealing with things like this it's adviseable to stay calm even though sometimes things just get to you, don't they? It's difficult but it's important not to make things worse (emotionally) ourselves. One might feel powerless in the face of adversity but a lot of the time that is less the case than one might think...

I hope you feel better soon. Remember, it's not the end of the world. This acne thing can get better over time plus you change over time as well in certain ways. So how you deal with things and/or feel about things now might be different than say in a few years time.

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well first of all your acne isnt severe at all. It isnt as bad as you describes. I gotta say you're a pretty girl, cute face, specially your eyes. cvd have you a good piece of advice, call all dermatologist and i bet one of them will decide to treat your acne. In the mid time, curing acne doesnt require dermatologists, in most of cases its a healthy lifestyle, avoid dairy, refined carbs and soy for a while, sleep well and do exercise, your acne is going to definitly get better.

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Hi Love. I deal on and off again with severe acne. Youcan look on my profile if you don't believe me. I know how much it sucks, but there is much hope and solutions out there. Like you its genetic and I've delt with it from an early age. I'm 20 now. I went on accutane when I was 15 because I had very bad acne, much worse than the picture you will see of me, and it worked wonders! I didn't have many side effects other than dry lips and skin. In my senior year of high school I began to break out quite horribly again and went to see my dermatologist to get it under control. She put me on a steroid dosage pack which worked wonders for me. I then went on Clinique 3 step acne solutions kit and that kept my acne well under control until about now. My acne isn't bad now but I fear the worst and I will be starting accutane up again March 6th. Accutane is a wonderful drug, but sometimes takes 2 or 3 courses to fully work. I'm not suggesting you go on accutane, because it can have some serious side effects, but it's def. something to consider and talk to your parents about. For now I'll suggest some products that really do work for me.

Clean and Clear Persa Gel (spot treatment)

Gentle Purpose Cleanser( Bar or Liquid is fine)

Mineral Makeup(I suggest Physican Formula)

Clinique Advanced concealer(Doesn't break me out and best concealer I have used)

As far as kids at school, they honestly don't matter. Remember that you don't want to be friends with people like that anyways. Something I've learned having acne is you really find out the true colors of people when you don't look your best. People can be cruel, but it will pass. I promise. This will all pass for you soon and you will look back and wonder why you cared so much about what people thought. I'm sorry that you are in your current situation, I know how hard it can be and how depressing it can get but remember that it can only be bad for so long, and it will get better. I really suggest you see a dermatologist because acne is a medical condition and should be treated from the inside as well as the outside. Take care and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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hmph at least you know who you dont want to be friends with. i hate bullies.

and shut up youre pretty! i love blue eyes, i wish mine were something other than so-dark-that-its-basically-black eyes. yknow its possible to be pretty and still have acne, look at kendall jenner and cameron diaz. they have/had acne and theyre gorgeous :)

i cant believe people are so mean though. ive never seen people call names or anything like that at my school. karma will come back for them eventually

but for now, i say just work on getting clear skin and once you do, dont be ready to forgive the bullies so easily D:<

do you do a sport or anything? just keep looking until you find people who dont judge you based on your skin and there are your friends. and us acne.org people will be here, too <3

PS: i really recommend the regimen on this website, it was revolutionary for my skin (<- um sorry if that sounds like advertising lol)

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Hun, you are not your skin - always remember that. The beauty that is within cannot be compared to the external appearance. With that said, you are entitled to feel the way you do about your acne and it is not my or anyone elses place to minimise your feelings. Acne sucks and in high school, it sucks even harder. Just remember:

Keep your head held high as you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Acne sucks but it is our body's way of telling us there is an underlying issue (take the opportunity to look at diet, look into stress, sleep, digestion). Sometimes cutting back on certain things help.

Whatever you decide to do, it will take time....patience is key. Sometimes though, getting outside just for a walk to clear your head will work.

Good Luck with everything and know that you have the support of the org

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