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Using The Regimen 3X A Day Instead

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I know we should use the regimen 2x a day as per instructions. The thing is that I work out in the afternoon and usually shower afterwards, I was wondering if there is any issues for using the regimen 3x (morning, post shower, before bed) instead of the usual 2. Thanks!

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I wouldn't. Sweat does not contribute to acne, so I wouldn't do the regimen after your workout. I workout a lot as well, but usually do it in the morning before I shower or right before I'm going to do the regimen at night, but sometimes I do it mid day, and I've found that it doesn't affect my acne, I just feel extra oily the rest of the day, which is better than being too irritated and breaking out IMO.

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If I workout in the afternoon, I'll still shower off afterwards but I won't wash my face and just apply some moisturizer after. A few hours after applying bp in the morning, it's not really active anymore anyway, so I think it's fine to rinse it off.

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I've followed Dan's regimen religiously for just under 6 months now, but I have always washed my face in the shower after exercising in the afternoon. I still did it gently, still used Dan's cleanser and moisturiser, but I skipped the BP application. I would then wash my face again in the evening, apply BP and moisturise as normal before bed.

So pretty much 4 days a week I wash wash my face three times a day with no ill effects. The regimen still worked perfectly for me and I'm 100% clear of acne. (Its still gives me a thrill to be able to say that :) )

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