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Joint Suppelment Helping Acne ?

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I take minocyclin (antibiotic) and its 2 months now so there is a chance it started to work just now

but also its been 3 days since i started to take this joint suppelment - can he have any affect on my acne ?

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What's the active ingredient in the joint supplement?

It's probably the minocycline kicking in. I took it for 2.5 years and it worked fantastically for me. I didn't experience any side effects, either. Either I took it for too long, or it's impossible to go off the dang stuff, or both, because ever since my skin has been way way worse. My advice would be to take probiotics while you're taking the minocycline, if you must take minocycline. I'd love to hear from someone who took minocycline, got off, and was done with acne. I sure haven't read anything like that online, though.

Incidentally, minocycline is also prescribed for joint pain because it's anti-inflammatory.

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Is it glucosamine? It contains an important glyconutrient that's not found in that many foods, primarily chitin which is what fungus and insect and crustacean shells are made of. And it binds up the harmful lectins in wheat/gluten that damage intestinal linings.

It's also anti-inflammatory.

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