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Bp All Over Face/neck Or Only On Problem Areas?

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I will be starting the regimen soon and am reading up on acne.org in the meantime.

I have mild-moderate acne, mostly concentrated on the lower half of my face and upper neck. When i start, should i apply the BP all over or only on the affected areas? I'm concerned because my nose & cheeks already get dry and I know that the BP will cause further dryness - I generally do not get pimples on my nose/cheeks.

I've searched on key words and couldn't seem to find any relevant threads on this.

Thanks in advance,


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You can apply the bp just to your problem areas if you want to avoid too much dryness. As for your neck, I'm not sure. When I first started the regimen, even though I was only applying the bp to my face, my neck got kind of irritated. It did go away after a while, though. Try testing it on a small patch of your neck to see how your skin reacts.

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Feel free to apply to the effected areas. But in the long run it might be better to do a full application. Personally I found that applying to my face and neck did very well. I used to get acne on my lower jaw area, but I still went ahead and applied to my full face and neck. Just start slow and build up. Irritation and dryness is very common, but will go away in time. Just apply more moisturizer to fight that dryness.

Over time the products will even out and you wont have to worry about the dryness or anything like that. Just remember the keys...GENTLE, Start Slow and Give it Time. You'll do just fine. Good Luck!

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For me sticking only to problem areas causes some horrible discolouration, looks like part of my face is tanned and part isn't, although you might not have the same reaction.

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